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A Winning Team

You need to succeed, and Fornaro Law has the team to help you do it. This is especially true if you are considering a business that deals with the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Fornaro Law is a leader in this emerging industry and has assembled a skilled team of businesses to help you achieve … Continued

Digital Currency Regulatory Guidance

Below is a link regarding digital currency (Bitcoin) on which we commented for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR): (click to view full PDF)

Tenants by the Entirety

IF YOU ARE MARRIED AND YOU OWN A HOME, ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO PROTECT THE HOME FROM POTENTIAL CREDITORS CREDITOR’S BEWARE.  Since 1994, the principal residence of a married couple (“Property”) is typically protected from the reach of creditors if the couple holds title to the Property as Tenants … Continued

Loss Mitigation Options in Foreclosure

HOMEOWNERS WHICH ARE IN FINANCIAL STRESS NEED TO SELECT A LOSS MITIGATION OPTION Homeowners in the foreclosure process do not need to lose hope and please do not ask your uncle what to do, unless of course he is an attorney that works with distressed homeowners.  The very worst thing you can do is to … Continued

Illinois Tax Tribunal

FINALLY SOME HOPE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES THAT HAVE ISSUES WITH THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE If you have a small business and you are having tax troubles with the Illinois Department of Revenue, there is still hope.  For that matter, if you are an accountant or tax advisor that have client’s that have these issues, … Continued

Marketing Dollars

WHY EAT, WHEN YOU COULD BE SPENDING TIME AND MONEY MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS. Prioritize marketing at the top of your list It is hard to understand in this world of constant advertisement and social media that small business owners fail to make marketing the top priority each and every day. Why do the big companies … Continued

Email and the Electronic Age

SHALL I FINISH MY BINGE WATCHING OF GAME OF THRONES OR SHOULD I RETURN MY CLIENT’S EMAIL AT MIDNIGHT? Has the electronic world made client’s expectations too high?  Are your clients expecting immediate gratification and response time? Did you ever receive an email from your client at midnight or on a weekend? It was not … Continued