Aviation Lawyers

Serving Clients in Chicago, O’Hare Airport and the United States

Fornaro Law represents clients in the commercial and general aviation industry throughout the United States. We represent clients in the United States that have airline clients from Asia, Africa and Europe in aviation-related business transactions, airborne shipping & cargo contracts, pharmaceuticals, and all manner of commercial contracts and leases involving mechanics, logistics, transportation, cargo handling companies, aircraft, airlines, & air charter operations.

Aircraft Transactions -- Purchase & Sale

At Fornaro Law, we have the expertise to secure you as favorable a purchase contract as possible.

When Purchasing An Aircraft, Fornaro Law Will:

  • Negotiate a purchase/sale agreement & loan documents
  • Negotiate and draft ground hauling agreements with logistic and transportation companies
  • Negotiate and draft ground handling agreements with airlines
  • Negotiate City of Chicago lease and license agreements
  • Negotiate with insurance underwriters for protection
  • Review engine maintenance programs
  • Draft aircraft leases
  • Obtain appropriate international documentation with regard to international transactions
  • Handle any warranty claims on the aircraft
  • Negotiate contracts with trucking and logistic companies and freight forwarders.