There is a good chance that if you are reading this, your business is in debt. And if you are looking for options, keep reading.

It is likely that your focus is lost and you are avoiding your financial issues rather than addressing them.

What you are seeking is a “commercial workout.”

What are commercial workouts?

Commercial workouts are used to stabilize and eventually resolve financial crises.

They are proactive measures on your behalf, and often involve a secured creditor— for instance, a bank mortgage or the IRS.

How we can help

Your corporation and its shareholders must be protected.

Your attorney should be able to quickly establish credibility with secured creditors. And your attorney should have the experience and confidence to act decisively in times of crises.

Fornaro Law has the experience to analyze a client’s financial position and quickly develop a workout plan that is tailored to that client’s unique circumstances.

It is not uncommon for a new client to come to us on the eve of a foreclosure sale or when a creditor has levied, or is about to levy a bank account.

In these circumstances, we must file an emergency motion with the court, or take other expedited actions to prevent certain adverse actions that could irreparably harm you.

We work tirelessly for our clients so they can get much-needed relief.

Fornaro Law can defend against pending lawsuits, which is often necessary to give the corporation time to develop and implement a workout plan. We have the experience and knowledge to act decisively on behalf of a client, which provides much needed relief to the owners of distressed corporations.

And, when necessary, Fornaro Law can represent a corporation that needs to file for bankruptcy protection.

Our Commercial Workouts Team: