Experience makes all the difference. When you or your business are faced with a potential lawsuit, an experienced team of attorneys is your greatest asset. Our litigation team has more than 50 years of combined experience navigating our clients through complex lawsuits in courts throughout the Chicago area, both state and federal. As you can see from our biographies, we specialize in numerous areas of litigation, both simple and complex, including breach of contract, non-compete agreements, construction and mechanic’s liens, fraud claims, civil rights litigation, contested probate matters, landlord/tenant and eviction, mortgage foreclosure, and municipal/zoning cases.

Even before a lawsuit is filed, however, our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience. Together, we will work to isolate the legal problem(s), determine the leverage point(s) from all sides, and map out a winning strategy for resolving the issue(s), whether it be through negotiation, mediation, or the filing of a lawsuit. Engaging our team of attorneys to assist you from the very start will better position you or your company for a favorable result. In fact, our corporate and estate planning teams can be incorporated into our strategy depending on the issue or the anticipated outcome.

Our experience also gives our clients confidence to confront their legal matters, rather than being intimidated by the legal process. We aggressively represent our client’s interests with the goal of finding an answer to the problem efficiently, allowing the client to move forward as quickly as possible. No matter how complex the problem, our team will be your partner in finding the answer.

From the beginning of our representation, our goal is to achieve a successful outcome by providing you with an honest assessment of the benefits and costs associated with litigating a claim. We do not believe in winning cases which provide no substantive benefit to you or your business. Thus, our team is focused on your goals and on attaining your preferred outcome. Litigation can be costly both in time and money, but our team’s laser focus on your goals will minimize the pitfalls and delays which are part of any lawsuit.

Once retained, you can expect our team to fully understand your issue, to explain the litigation process, to develop a winning strategy for attaining your objective(s), to keep you informed throughout with updates within hours of a court appearance or a ruling, and to provide excellent advice as circumstances evolve. There are many twists and turns in litigation; allow our experienced team to guide you through this process and to remove some of the burden from your shoulders.