When you are party to a lawsuit, you are in one of life’s most stressful situations. Litigation is often a complex and confusing and anxiety-ridden process for those not usually involved in the process.

Nobody wants to be involved in a lawsuit or subjected to the litigation process. However, how you handle litigation from the beginning can greatly affect the outcome.

Once you are involved in litigation you need a team that can explain the process and formulate a solid plan of attack. Fornaro Law will leverage your position and make sure you are positioned for a successful result. That is why If a dispute arises, the first step is hiring a professional like Fornaro Law which will advise you, fight for you and labor to obtain a successful result.

Have an experienced firm protecting your rights in court

When facing a lawsuit, the outcome of your case can depend on the right attorney.

Do not take chances with the outcome of your case. Retain Fornaro Law for the solid legal advice and strong representation you need to fight hard for your rights in the courtroom.

Retain aggressive and zealous representation

Fornaro Law will fight for you like no other. Our litigation team has been involved in state and federal litigation for over 20 years. Fornaro Law concentrates on complex commercial and real estate litigation for both defendants and plaintiffs.

Fornaro Law represents litigation clients consistently in the various courthouses, of Cook, DuPage, Will, and Kane Counties, as well as Federal, Appellate, and Bankruptcy Courts.

Our process


When we evaluate cases, we try to find solutions that guarantee a successful outcome without causing excessive attorney fees. We do this by looking at the case objectively to find the right course of action.

Before we even take a litigation case, we provide an honest assessment and analyze the benefits and costs associated with the litigation.

The Strategy

Fornaro Law does not believe in “Pyrrhic” victories where clients win their cases but spend huge amounts on legal fees. Most of the time, the goal is to structure a settlement to avoid the costly side of litigation. It is a result that is most cost effective and one that gets you beyond this stressful situation.

If this does not resolve the case, then we establish a plan of action that properly leverages our position and weakens our opponent’s case. This plan of action is formulated at the very beginning of a case.

With a proper plan of action, we can maximize each step of the litigation. This careful planning helps to ensure success at every stage of the litigation.

Why it works

We focus on the client’s goals to obtain the client’s preferred outcome. Doing so requires a laser focus on the overall goal of the litigation. This involves avoiding the many pitfalls and tangents that often arise during litigation. These pitfalls and tangents do nothing but delay the final result and ensure higher legal fees. We seek to avoid such distractions and march as quickly as possible toward a successful resolution.

What can you expect by working with us?

  • You will feel like a burden has been lifted off of your shoulders.
  • The process will be as predictable as possible so you can anticipate key points of the case.
  • You will be provided with timely updates so you are fully updated with the status of the case.
  • You will be updated within hours of court appearances and rulings.

Further, and most importantly, each step in the process will be explained to you. Truly, Fornaro Law seeks to take the mystery out of litigation so that you understand each step and the plan of action.