Top Notch Business Attorney – Droids on the Treadmill Need Not Apply

You are weary of being a droid, robot, or machine – laboring to attain your billable hours under more senior attorneys while being buried in the back office, library, and out of sight. You don’t have the level of client interaction and counseling you believe you deserve. You want to be a bigger voice in terms of client recommendations, business development, firm direction and focus.

We’re looking for an outstanding business lawyer, an individual who wants to combine strong career and financial success, without the pain that comes from the billable hour treadmill found in large regional and national firms.

We’re a boutique entrepreneurial law firm operating on a national level with successful business owner clients primarily in the logistics, transportation, and real estate sectors. We’ve evolved over the last 5 years to where we are today as a firm with 20 employees. Our vision is to become general counsel to more top-tier businesses that have revenue between $25MM to $100MM. We need a few additional exceptional business attorneys to join forces with us as we build more relationships with extremely interesting and talented people. We’re seeking the generation of Jedi Master of Business Law – who are as passionate about their knowledge and experience as lawyers as they are about the success of their clients.

You are seeking a role that allows you to do a wide range of work that includes autonomy over files and client interaction compared to the narrow focus of doing what you are told in other firms. You’re probably seeking a greater life flexibility to spend more time on personal hobbies and passions – like non-profit work, and more time with your family – especially on weekends. You might be thinking about wanting to get away from being in a downtown firm to escape both the billable hour treadmill and commuting pain. Finally, you want to be intellectually challenged, and do it within a growth-oriented environment.

You’re probably working in one of the following environments: one of the large law firms in the Chicago area doing general business work in corporate structure, buy/sell agreements, employment law, and other outside general counsel activities – we serve as our clients virtual Chief Legal Officer. Or you might be working in a smaller legal office where the growth, challenge, intellectual stimulation is not quite there – you’re a little bored, underwhelmed, and under-utilized for your capabilities.

Here's a few comments our lawyers have told us why they enjoy working at Fornaro Law so much:

“Fornaro Law has unexpected reach, camaraderie, and capabilities. I never expected the strength of the clients and range of sophisticated work that is generated through this firm.”

“They allow and encourage me to use my ingenuity. It is welcomed rather than discouraged.”

“We are empowered to interact with clients and take care of client issues and are told that we need your energy now.”

“Thankfully, I am not told that the gray hairs will take care of the issues or that I need 2 levels of approval before I send out an email.”

“Fornaro Law has a forward-thinking approach allowing our experienced attorneys to practice law and expand their skills.”

If this sounds like an opportunity you might want to explore, we’d like to have a conversation with you – even if there is a small chance this might improve your personal life, your financial success, and your career impact.

Send an email to along with a resume, summary of your background, with a cover letter describing an accomplishment or two in how you have helped client(s) succeed, and where the documents you drafted have held up to scrutiny.



We are looking for a Legal Secretary to work in our La Grange office full-time, in-person. We’d like someone that is qualified to support our corporate team in all corporate maintenance matters for our clients on a daily basis. The Legal Secretary provides secretarial support related to time sensitive, deadline-driven priorities such as annual filings with the Secretary of State, change of Registered Agent, and other duties as assigned, in a timely and accurate manner. The Legal Secretary also maintains meticulous spreadsheets, accurately updates physical files, communicates with clients, generates invoices, and tracks their time throughout the day. It would be helpful for you to have familiarity with legal terminology and documentation, have advanced Microsoft Suite skills, and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with frequent changes/curveballs due to the nature of serving our clients’ needs.


  • Highly Productive: You have excellent attention to detail, organization, record-keeping, and time management skills. You feel fulfilled by completing tasks and projects. You work quickly and accurately to meet deadlines and can manage tasks and multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment at a high level of competence.
  • Excellent Communicator: You are communicative, approachable, conscientious, and client-centric. You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and are perceptive and capable of developing and maintaining positive relationships with individuals at all levels within the organization as well as with external resources, vendors, and clients.
  • Solutions Oriented: You are a logical problem-solver, professional, and responsive to our client’s needs. You are willing to go the extra mile, contribute to a growing practice, and interested in expanding your knowledge.
  • Experience: Minimum of one year experience with corporate maintenance, annual filings, registered agent, etc. Minimum of five years’ experience managing and navigating large, detailed spreadsheets. Advanced Excel skills are required. Must be able to follow, define, and document processes.
  • Highly Organized: You have strong organizational skills and continually work in an efficient manner. You maintain spaces (offline and online) that are clean, neat and organized. You implement systems and best practices with and without technology.
  • Sense of Accountability: You own your work, and take pride in all that you do. You are committed to quality, and continuous improvement.
  • Proactive and Adaptable: You can quickly reorient and ground yourself when plans and priorities are shifted. You enjoy engaging with your team to share your ideas to overcome challenges.
  • Agile with Technology: You have experience using online applications such as Google Suite, Box Drive, Microsoft Suite, and previous experience with a variety of other platforms and software.
  • Team Player: You enjoy working collaboratively; you contribute to an environment in which all team members are respected regardless of their individual differences and are motivated to improve both their individual and team contributions to achieve desired results. You exhibit mental flexibility.
  • Detail-Oriented: You have an eye for detail, and you are passionate about delivering mistake-free work. You are motivated by excellence and willing to give the energy and time needed to achieve it.
  • Confidentiality: You know how to handle sensitive and confidential information, both personally and professionally.


Corporate Legal Secretary

  • File reports in multiple states to maintain client’s good standing
  • Maintain out of state registered agent service with outside vendor
  • Direct interaction with attorneys, clients, vendors, state, and local agencies
  • Use of Fornaro Law practice management software to manage tasking and track time
  • Manage corporate team meeting calendar and schedule meetings with clients for attorneys
  • Draft engagement letters and track status through to completion
  • Maintenance of physical and electronic files
  • Other duties and responsibilities as needed/as assigned


Fornaro Law is a next-generation law firm that is transforming the way our clients perceive and consume legal services. We leverage our collaborative approach, network strength, technical savvy, and entrepreneurial spirit to create winning outcomes for our clients and business partners. Fornaro Law’s streamlined implementation of systems elevates the firm and its clients to a higher level.


This role requires an understanding of working with various software platforms and being able to work remotely if necessary. This position required regular in-person engagement by working on-site Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Must have own transportation. All applicants are expected to be successful working independently and collaboratively.


This position takes place in an office environment and there are no unusual physical demands.

Fornaro Law is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate based on race, gender, ancestry, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, medical condition, disability, veteran’s status, or any other basis protected by law.


FL is a next-generation law firm that is transforming the way our clients perceive and consume legal services. We leverage our collaborative approach, networking strength, technical savvy, and entrepreneurial spirit to create winning outcomes for our clients and business partners.

Fornaro Law’s streamlined implementation of systems elevates the firm and its clients to a higher level.

Fornaro Law is seeking a solution-oriented, responsive, professional certified paralegal. Ideal candidate will be proactive and exhibit mental flexibility. Candidate will be communicative, approachable, conscientious and client-centric. Ideal team member will be knowledgeable and have prior experience in the practice areas of estate planning, estate administration, commercial and residential real estate, litigation, corporate and business law.

Candidate must be responsive to client’s needs, be willing to contribute to a growing practice, and be interested in learning and expanding their knowledge. In addition to proficiency in these areas of law, the ideal candidate must be able to pivot between several practice areas while exhibiting an innovative and pragmatic approach. Position will assist multiple attorneys and senior level staff. Ideal fit will also be well organized, detail oriented, adaptable, and able to prioritize.

Qualified candidates please reply via email with a cover letter and resume to Mary Bryk: