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Practical Legal Protection for Chicagoland Startups & Other Growing Businesses

At Fornaro Law, we understand that your business has many needs that you may want assistance or guidance on. Our team is well equipped to provide your business with the guidance it may require to be successful. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs of growing and mid-sized businesses that are large enough to require advice on sophisticated legal issues. Fornaro Law has the experience and can satisfy the legal needs of these clients by acting as their outside general counsel. Our knowledge of the legal issues that growing businesses face, and our relationship as trusted advisors, allows us to anticipate the legal risks our clients are likely to face and to develop strategies for addressing those risks before they reach critical stages. In addition, by acquiring the knowledge of our client’s businesses, we are able to provide legal support consistent with our clients’ needs and budgets.  Whether dealing with corporate governance issues, negotiating a contractual relationship with a new vendor, addressing the termination of an employee or providing advice on how to minimize expense associated with a lawsuit, Fornaro Law works proactively with its clients as an integrated part of their business team to effectively and efficiently manage the legal issues affecting their growing businesses.  

Additionally, We represent entrepreneurs, startups, emerging companies, small businesses, established companies, business owners and not-for-profit organizations. These companies are involved in a variety of industries including e-commerce, internet ventures, social media networks, education, retail, advertising, media, real estate, and professional services. We leverage our extensive experience in areas of corporate, real estate, employment, internet, litigation, alternative dispute resolution and general business law to serve our clients that operate in a variety of industries.

Examples of the type of outside general counsel services Fornaro Law frequently provides to our clients include:

  • Maintaining Corporate Governance Documentation
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Counseling officers and directors on fiduciary duties and strategic considerations
  • Filing and monitoring trademark applications
  • Drafting employment agreements, NDAs and non-competition agreements
  • Due diligence and deal support
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts
  • Employee termination advice and support
  • Advice regarding regulatory compliance
  • Lease drafting and negotiation
  • Litigation, arbitration and risk management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Risk analysis
  • Advice regarding insurance coverage disputes
  • Selecting, retaining and serving as liaison with local counsel, as needed

At Fornaro Law, we routinely provide a full range of services, delivering practice advice and innovative legal analysis in a cost-effective manner utilizing the most efficient assignment of business lawyers and professional staff to support our clients. Schedule a consultation on our website or call (708) 639-4320, if you have any specific inquiries about how Fornaro Law can assist you.



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  • Tech savvy
  • Driven by wins for client
  • Long term business solutions
  • Legal, business and network
  • Connection to strategic partners
  • Complete Access
  • Entrenched in your business
  • Customized representation tailored to client’s needs
  • Proactive
  • Listens and learns
  • Constantly looking to improve the client
  • Friendship is ok
  • Single point of contact for legal needs
  • You look forward to a call


  • Holding on to the tie
  • What is tech?
  • Driven by dollars
  • Focused on the present only
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  • Legal only
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  • Disconnected from your business
  • One size fits all
  • Reactive
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  • Waits for next assignment from client
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