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Trust. Credibility. Rapport.

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Positive Energy
Brings Positive Results

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Transforming the Way Our Clients
Consume Legal Services

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We Handle the Most Complex
to the Most Personal Legal Matters

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Not Only Do We
Surpass Industry Standards,
We Provide Superior Solutions

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Trust. Credibility. Rapport.

Fornaro Law is a next-generation law firm that is transforming the way our clients perceive and consume legal services. We leverage our collaborative approach, networking strength, technical savvy, and entrepreneurial spirit to create winning outcomes for our clients and business partners.

Not only do we surpass industry standards, we provide superior solutions.

Positive Energy Brings Positive Results

Fornaro Law is just outside downtown Village of La Grange on La Grange Rd, west of Chicago, Illinois. We have over 20 years of law experience to offer in the legal areas of practice we service. Phil Fornaro, managing attorney at Fornaro Law has instilled a “never give up” attitude in the firm and that is just what we will have for your legal case. With eight attorneys and a great administrative staff, you are able to trust in the fact that Fornaro Law will get the legal job completed, seeking the best possible outcome for your legal case.

Have the right legal team handling your legal matters. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous staff provides you with personalized and quality service, prompt answers, and frequent updates on your case.

Our Entrepreneurial Side

Although law firms generally are not thought of as entrepreneurial, Fornaro Law is different. We have a suburban law firm that is embracing technology (specifically the internet, Blockchain and cybercurrency like Bitcoin) and is creating streamlined systems to elevate our firm and our clients to a different level. With the disruptive nature of technology and the potential for change in almost every industry, Fornaro Law has devoted significant time into understanding how the Blockchain is being used and has become very involved in the Blockchain space.

Strategic Partnerships

Fornaro Law is well known for its ability to represent their clients in the legal arena.

However, did you know that the most powerful attribute of Fornaro Law is its ability to network and connect its clients and professionals together?

By having relationships locally, nationally and internationally with accountants, attorneys, solicitors, real estate agents, financial planners, banks and other professionals, Fornaro law creates opportunities and synergies for our clients.

The main take away is that if Fornaro Law cannot help you in your current situation, we certainly know someone that can.

Find Your Practice Area

We proudly serve La Grange, Hinsdale & the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

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