If you need legal help internationally or you live internationally and need help in the United States look no further than Fornaro Law.

As Fornaro Law continues to grow throughout the United States, our business model has allowed us to grow internationally as well. We have a significant presence in Europe and the Middle East.

Fornaro Law consistently serves high value international clients in the legal areas of real estate, business and corporate work, asset protection, offshore companies, bitcoin, estate planning and other areas of law.

These European and Middle Eastern business owners not only look to Fornaro Law for legal assistance in the United States, but also when work is needed around the world. Our clients are so satisfied with how we treat them domestically they realize that we can add value anywhere they go.

Our international clients are so comfortable with our services and counsel that they request that we consult and help engage and direct their professionals throughout the world.

By having relationships worldwide with accountants, attorneys, solicitors, real estate agents, immigration attorneys, banks and other professsionals, Fornaro Law provides our clients with a unique relationship and a stable relationship for their legal needs. We strive to establish relationships with professionals that have the same focus and energy as the attorneys and staff at Fornaro Law.

What is most interesting is that the connections we make internationally come from the vast Fornaro Law network that we have cultivated in the United States.

As an example, on a real estate deal that in England, we found a local solicitor from one of our clients in La Grange that obtained his education in England. We found an international accountant through Fornaro Law attorney Chuck Topping's business relationships, and a valuation company from one of our La Grange business clients.

As Fornaro Law ambitiously cultivates and seeks out new clients internationally, we believe this will be the area of law that will continue to drive our growth into the future.

Fornaro Law is blockchain friendly and is using this technology and this space to take us and our clients to new efficiencies and accelerated advancement.