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We know it can be difficult to think about the future and life after you are gone. However, planning now can make life much easier for you at present and your loved ones in the future. A Will can address several issues, including who will look after your minor children and how your property and assets will be distributed.  A surprising amount of people do not have a valid and accurate will. Major life changes, such as a divorce or a new child, can cause your testamentary documents to become out-of-date. Other people may have started the process, but the will may not be complete or legally enforceable. Still others have never even spoken to a lawyer about these matters. If you die without a Will, the state will make important decisions concerning your family and your money.

Not having a Will in place will result in state law determining what will happen to your property or who will look after your children. This can be very scary and lead to hurt feelings and arguments among your family.  A Will can give you the peace of mind that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. To make sure your will addresses your specific needs, we get to know you and your goals.

At Fornaro Law, we will discuss what issues should be addressed in your will and who should be appointed as the executor of your estate or as guardian of your children. These are important decisions and we can help ensure your Will is accurate and addresses all of your needs.

When you make a Will, you make life easier for your heirs in what will be a very trying time. This one document lets you meet several objectives, including:

  • Property Distribution: You can leave your personal and real property to the people and/or organizations that you designate
  • Personal Guardian: Many people choose a close relative or friend to take care of their minor children, but the choice is yours alone.
  • Property Guardian: If your children are due to inherit any real or personal property, no matter how much or how little, it is usually a good idea to appoint a guardian of the estate to look after this property until your children reach the age of inheritance.
  • Executor: This person, or entity, carries out your final wishes according to the provisions in the will, thus avoiding uncertainty and conflict.

The Will must make certain statements and declarations; you must be over 18 years old, be of sound mind and be aware of all your heirs & property.  Many Wills are invalidated because the testators do not meet the qualifications listed above.

How Does A Living Will Work?

A Living Will is key to establishing people’s concerns for how they are treated under serious medical conditions. It goes into effect when a physician certifies the following:

  • That the patient is in a condition specified in the state’s living will laws
  • That the patient is unable to make a medical decision
  • That the patient is unable to communicate regarding a medical decision

Physicians will follow the wishes outlined in the Living Will, which dictates which medical treatments the patient wants or does not want. However, it is important to note that emergency medical technicians cannot honor a Living Will, as they must do whatever is necessary to transport a person to a hospital or care facility. Once a patient is under the care of a physician, any advance health care directives may then be taken into account.

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