The Power Of Networking And The Joy Of Connection

When I meet a person, I strive to find his or her passion. My goal is to absorb a person’s energy and see what drives them.  If there is no energy, it is hard for me to make a connection. In recent years, it seems like the most important thing to me is to establish…

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Technology and the Law Presentation by Phil Fornaro

Below are a couple recent photos of Phil Fornaro speaking to 70 residential real estate attorneys regarding the future of attorneys, technology, the Blockchain and Bitcoin. Thank you Nancy Kroll from Chicago Title and Trust for the platform to educate the attorneys in our legal industry.   

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Want to be a Great Networker? Have a Coffee

Do you characterize yourself as a poor or excellent networker?  No matter how you rank in the networking world, there are simple things that you can do to improve your networking skills. For the first 11 years of my legal career, I did not drink coffee. Surprisingly, the best thing that I ever did for…

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