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Serving Western Springs, IL. & The Chicagoland Area

Fornaro Law has deep roots in Western Springs. The founder, Phil Fornaro has family that has been connected to the Western Springs community and the schools for decades. Fornaro Law has added a long time resident and attorney from Western Springs, to its growing law firm. Our office in LaGrange, IL is just minutes away from Western Springs.

We have been helping the community of Western Springs with many aspects of law, such as:

  • Business & Commercial Law & Litigation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Severance Agreements
  • Partner & Shareholder Disputes
  • Business Law for Start-ups
  • Limited Liability Company Disputes
  • Business Fraud
  • Real Estate Law & Litigation
  • Corporation and Limited Liability Company formation
  • Corporate and Business Asset Protection
  • Representation of Entrepreneurial People and Businesses

Business & Commercial Litigation

Businesses face a complex web of legal obligations and challenges. Meeting these challenges requires knowledge of local, state, and federal laws; and vigorous representation in disputes with consumers, vendors, and competitors. Our business litigation attorneys offer extensive experience and skill in a wide range of legal issues to businesses in Western Springs & throughout the Chicagoland area.

Business Disputes

We represent business owners and business professionals in disputes that may arise with competitors, affiliates, consumers, vendors, current or former employees, officers or directors, etc.

Ownership of equity in a family or closely-held business may become a contentious issue in a divorce, requiring appraisals of business property and of the business itself. The parties to a divorce need skilled legal representation, but the business caught in the middle should also have access to legal guidance.

Non-Compete Agreements

Businesses and their employees may enter into non-compete agreements, which restrict an employee from working for a competitor for a defined period of time and within a defined geographic area. Our business litigation lawyers at Fornaro Law represent businesses seeking to enforce a non-competition agreement against a former employee, as well as individuals wishing to get out of a non-competition agreement.

Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

In any partnership or corporation, conflicts will inevitably arise between partners or shareholders. In most cases, the partners or shareholders can resolve the disagreement among themselves. Some disputes may involve matters that are integral to the continued operation of the business, or present otherwise intractable differences between the partners or shareholders.

Business Fraud Lawyers

Business fraud can affect almost anyone, from business owners and professionals to consumers. Breaches of contract or warranty, false representations, and almost any other type of transactional fraud fall under the broad category of business fraud.

Start-Up & Early Stage

Many businesses begin with great ideas, but inspiration alone is not enough to make a business successful. The right guidance is essential, from choosing the right form of business entity, identifying and attracting the right team, identifying and protecting intellectual property and strategic advantages, securing financing & more.

Our practice is based on the experience in working with early-stage enterprises in many fields, including rapidly evolving fields like software and information technology, professional and financial services, cryptocurrency, blockchain, AI, & more. We have worked with hundreds of start-ups and businesses from their inception onward, identifying and resolving questions that start-ups face. Fornaro Law offers a range of start-up business law legal services to entrepreneurs, inventors, and business professionals.

Franchise Law & Litigation Attorneys

The sale of a franchise allows a business, known as a franchisee, to acquire an existing business model and brand, along with the goodwill associated with that brand. Another business, known as a franchisor, sells the right to use one or more trade names and to operate a business under certain parameters, usually in exchange for a cash payment, an ongoing fee, and a share of revenue. This bundle of rights and obligations is known as a “franchise.” It gives the franchisor the opportunity to benefit further from the brand and its goodwill without having to start or operate additional business locations.

Many disputes between franchisees and franchisors involve allegations that the franchisor failed to disclose information required by FTC regulations. Other common disputes involve failure to pay required fees pursuant to the franchise agreement, misuse of intellectual property, and various breach of contract claims. The franchise litigation attorneys at Fornaro Law can help navigate these issues.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation circumscribes many disputes that may arise over the sale, lease, development, use of real property. The law identifies 2 main categories of real estate:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate

The laws governing each type of real estate differ from one another, with residential real estate law featuring more protections for purchasers and renters as consumers. The range of possible disputes can be immense for businesses and individuals. At Fornaro Law, our real estate litigation lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals & businesses in both residential & commercial real estate litigation, helping them to understand their rights, advocating for them, fighting to protect their interests, and recover the relief owed to them.

Types of Real Estate Transactions

Residential real estate includes personal homes, townhomes, condominiums, apartments, and other types of property primarily intended as a private dwelling. Commercial real estate includes offices, retail stores, factories, warehouses, and other locations intended for the transaction of business. Property intended for development into residential property, such as a subdivision or apartment building, is usually considered commercial real estate until it is divided and sold to private homeowners or leased to tenants.

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Businesses

Every experienced entrepreneur will tell you that having a detailed strategy greatly improves your chances of success. The business plan establishes a sound approach to making money with your product or service and helps focus and communicate your vision to others. Fornaro Law works with startups and legacy companies clients in a variety of industries such as manufacturers, contractors, business mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate developers, property managers, crypto miners, technology companies, transportation and many others. Our goal is to develop and refine professional business plans. Whatever your company’s offering, Fornaro Law can help write your success story.

We See Our Biggest Growth In:

  • Entrepreneurs that need structure, compliance & assistance
  • Venture capitalist clients that have multiple business verticals
  • Bitcoin and blockchain clients that need structure and compliance

Fornaro Law is unique and can provide our clients with an experience that cannot be matched at larger firms. Our clients realize that they get better service at more favorable rates.