When I meet a person, I strive to find his or her passion. My goal is to absorb a person’s energy and see what drives them.  If there is no energy, it is hard for me to make a connection.

In recent years, it seems like the most important thing to me is to establish relationships that benefit not only me but also the other individual even if they are people that I do not know.

I analyze a person’s speech and mannerisms to determine where they can fit into my life, my family or as my strategic business partner.

When a connection is made, I feel a rush of energy and pure satisfaction.

The other day I connected 10 people in one hour.  Why?  Because I know the connections were helping all the people involved and creating a rush of good karma.

Connecting others does not have to benefit me directly as the fulfillment I feel when people connect is satisfaction in itself.

I realize that self-advancement should drive me, but it is not the most important thing.

I was inspired to write this blog on a plane trip back from Austin, Texas.

As most of you know from reading my social media posts and blogs, I am a crypto enthusiast and very connected to the Crypto Space as a lawyer.

In mid-June, 2018, I started realizing that what I believed was a localized law firm is now recognized nationally and internationally as a result of this drive for “Energized Connections.”

During one of my calls with one of my Austin, Texas clients, I realized that I now had 8 connections in Austin through various meetings and conferences that I have presented or attended and through client connections.

The story of how I connected with this Texas group is interesting.

  • The Crypto accountant was introduced to me by my cost segregation partner Kevin Cawley.
  • A serial entrepreneur was introduced through my venture capital client.
  • A crypto mining client and a hedge fund trader was introduced through my ICO client.
  • A lender and intermediary that is assisting me in forming an option for financing for my Crypto Real Estate and business clients was formulated through a New York Blockchain meetup after hours.
  • An Initial Coin Offering group that found me through website posting and Social Media.

Suddenly, on June 20, and without explanation I declared to my ICO client that I was flying to Austin, Texas on July 9 and 10.

So it began.  I set up many meetings and connected with some clients but mostly strangers.  We had two days of interaction and became extremely connected with each other as a result of the trip.  More importantly, the group that I left in Texas are now actively communicating with each other and are continuing to explore business relationships.  As I engaged my new strategic partners and as I learned about them, they taught me things that I did not know and which has helped me connect even more with my other clients.

As I look back at the trip, I realize that this simple trip connected me with myself and made me realize that connecting people is my passion and my future.

Fornaro Law is actively building a Strategic Partnership and Networking page on its website at https://www.fornarolaw.com/networking/ with the sole goal of connecting people.

By Phil Fornaro

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