Philip Fornaro




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Philip M. Fornaro, a seasoned legal professional with 28 years of experience, serves as the Managing Attorney at Fornaro Law. His commitment extends beyond the practice of law; it's about delivering comprehensive solutions, fostering structure, and forging meaningful connections. Philip's ultimate aim is to enhance and optimize every situation, ensuring that everyone involved experiences profound satisfaction throughout the entire process and embraces the end result.

His extraordinary blend of business acumen, boundless energy, problem-solving prowess, and an innate entrepreneurial spirit makes him an ideal partner for a diverse range of corporate and business clients. Philip firmly abides by the principle that positive energy begets positive outcomes, and this philosophy fuels his remarkable success. As a result, he has cultivated an entrepreneurial law firm that specializes in providing Outside General Counsel ("OGC") services on a national scale, primarily catering to highly successful business owners in sectors such as logistics, transportation, manufacturing, services, and real estate.

Philip's visionary goal is to expand the OGC model to encompass more top-tier businesses with revenues ranging from $25,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 and beyond. He firmly believes that building enduring relationships with clients and strategic partners is the cornerstone of achieving winning outcomes. Philip excels in integrating his clients into his ever-growing network and takes genuine pleasure in comprehending their businesses.

His unwavering commitment centers on being client-centric, maintaining responsiveness, proactivity, a strong emphasis on nurturing relationships, and accessibility. Possessing an indomitable "never give up" attitude, Philip has earned a reputation for achieving success and solving challenges that others may deem insurmountable. He believes that the key to creating winning outcomes is through the establishment of long-term relationships and connections with and between his clients and strategic partners.

Philip's mastery of incorporating cutting-edge technology into his processes has transformed Fornaro Law into a next-generation law firm, revolutionizing how clients perceive and engage with legal services.

Beyond his legal practice, Philip actively participates in numerous real estate and business ventures, providing him with an unparalleled business perspective when representing his clients.

Philip also recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. He is a dedicated leader and ardent supporter of various local charities, embodying the spirit of community engagement and philanthropy in addition to his legal expertise.