While Fornaro Law is not an accounting or finance firm, their expansive network has evolved so that they are confident in referring third party professionals to their clients that are available to help meet their non-legal needs.

One of our long time trucking company clients has expanded significantly into his core business and industrial real estate holdings. While we helped design his corporate structure, helped close transactions and navigate through municipal processes, environmental issues, and other legal matters, we have been able to connect him with many people throughout the years to help him on a financial side.

As we have been working with attorneys that operate in the world of real estate tax reductions, we apprised him of that relationship and introduced him. As a result, he has been able to keep his real estate taxes at bay in the complicated real estate tax world in Cook County.

More exciting than that, our network also has introduced the Client to companies that offer cost segregation work that allows for accelerated depreciation of real estate assets to provide a reduction in income taxes for him in years in which his income is very large and his income taxes are significant. That introduction ended up being a $500,000 income tax deduction for the Client.

This type of assistance is centered around our ability to identify non-legal opportunities for our clients and then connecting them with experts that have pathways to implement those opportunities.

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