While Fornaro Law is not a bank or a lender, it has represented banks and represented private lenders and has various institutions in its network that can help work with our clients.

One of our clients was working with a bank that had become hostile to him and was making it difficult to operate his real estate business. We were able to locate a bank for the Client to talk to which was local to the real estate and was looking for properties that fit that description.

As Fornaro Law is always actively discussing scenarios with banks and private lenders and understand what type of customers they are looking for, it is easy for us to connect Clients to finance opportunities in days.

As a result of this connection, the Client obtained a loan with a very good lender who very much wanted the relationship at a much better interest rate. The lender was happy because they financed a loan in the exact location and parameters that they wanted and were able to establish a long term relationship with a new customer that will send them more deals in the future.

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