Top Notch Business Attorney Needed – Those who love to pay bills, deal with HR issues, and chase for money…Need Not Apply.

You’re weary of laboring through your day without being able to sit down and just practice law.

Do you dream of a day without administrative tasks, where all your time is dedicated to the law and client interaction?

When you chose to run your own law firm did you picture yourself paying bills, hiring, and firing employees, marketing, ordering supplies, and being worried about a recession, or did you see yourself learning the law and solving client problems?

For goodness’ sake, you are now a subject matter expert and have the knowledge and skill necessary to service and interact with your clients at a high level.

Instead, you find yourself ordering toner for your printer that may or may not be operational.

If you only had more time, a practice management system, and motivated staff, you are confident that you could have a larger impact on client recommendations, business development, and firm direction and focus.

What if 100% of your time could be spent focused on the law and you could delegate to and collaborate with rock-solid team members that are proactive and responsive and care only about the advancement of the clients and the firm?

Please do not let the impending recession scare you and certainly do not let the management of people, the marketing, the billing, and other administrative tasks interfere with the joys of practicing the law.

Dream No More.

Fornaro Law is looking for an outstanding business lawyer who probably operates a law firm, an individual who wants to combine a strong career and financial success, without the pain that comes from the administrative black hole that devours all your time.

We’re an entrepreneurial law firm operating on a national level with successful business owner clients primarily in the logistics, transportation, manufacturing, and real estate sectors. Over the last 5 years, we’ve evolved to where we are today as a firm with 20 employees. Our vision is to become general counsel to more top-tier businesses that have revenue between $25,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 (yes, I said one billion).

We need a few additional exceptional business attorneys to help lead us down that path. We’re seeking a generation of top-notch business lawyers – who are as passionate about their knowledge and experience as lawyers as they are about the success of their clients. You might be seeking a role that allows you to do a wide range of work that includes autonomy over files and client interaction compared to the narrow focus of doing what you are told in other firms. You want to be intellectually challenged and do it within a growth-oriented environment.

You’re probably doing general business work in corporate structure, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, employment law, and other outside general counsel activities. You’re a little bored, underwhelmed, lonely, and frustrated with the lack of time to practice
law. You also have dedicated staff that is reliable and energetic, anxious to learn and interact with other team members.

Fornaro Law serves as our clients’ virtual Chief Legal Officer for all their legal and business needs. It is time to focus on finding an environment that allows you to do complex and large transactions at a national level with a support staff that allows you to do what you were born to do. At the same time, put your current staff into a situation where they can grow and interact with attorneys, clients, and other staff members that want to learn and advance with you.

Here are a few comments our lawyers have told us about why they enjoy working at Fornaro Law so much:

“I can spend all of my time working on client development and drafting high-quality documents without being interrupted by administrative tasks that destroy the flow of my day.”

“Fornaro Law has unexpected reach, camaraderie, and capabilities. I never expected the strength of the clients and range of sophisticated work that is generated through this firm.”

“They allow and encourage me to use my ingenuity. It is welcomed rather than discouraged.”

“Fornaro Law has a forward-thinking approach allowing our experienced attorneys to practice law and expand their skills.”

It is worth exploring your alternatives.

If this sounds like an opportunity you might want to explore, we’d like to have a conversation with you – even if there is a slight chance this might improve your personal life, your financial success, and your career impact. Send an email to along with a resume or summary of your background, and a cover letter describing an accomplishment or two in how you have helped a client succeed, or where the documents you have drafted have held up to scrutiny.

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