Fornaro Law’s quest to fully implement technology for the benefit of efficiency and our clients had stripped me of my mountains of note pads and post it notes. However, like every attorney of the prior century, I thought there was no way that my precious contract and form work would ever be taken away. After all, isn’t drafting and reviewing of contracts and documents the staple work of our industry? We can always rely on it. There will always be a need for me, a 17-year attorney, to review my clients’ contracts. Right?! Nope, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is here and it was yet another blow to this reluctant technology adapter.

The only constant in this world is change. That’s the saying. Yet, could change really transform an industry so quickly? Will old workhorses like me be so fully affected by AI? AI is the development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. AI in the context of the legal profession is thinking, reading, writing technology. AI in the context of this reluctant technology adapter was some techno wizards dream that would not materialize in my lifetime!

Fornaro Law embraces AI!

Yet, materialize it did and Fornaro Law was going to use it to lead the law sector. When I first sat in the meeting where Fornaro Law announced that it would be adopting AI to better service our clients I was skeptical to say the least. How would we do it? Why would we do it? Is this even a thing? The answer was clearly Yes, it was an important thing that would revolutionize our industry. Unbeknownst to me, and apparently most of our industry, AI had steadily been growing and developing. There were companies out there who were harnessing the power of AI to help customers eliminate the need for attorneys using AI. Fornaro Law recognized this and wanted to bring AI’s power to its clients.

Not only had Fornaro Law recognized the need to adopt AI, it also had found a strategic partner. As I recovered from my shock, I thought to myself, even if this is true, it will be years before it affects me. Not so, the hunt was on for Fornaro Law to find a strategic partner in the AI industry. Fornaro Law has always formed strategic partnerships with various other industry leaders. These strategic partnerships have provided value and efficient services for our clients. As a business minded law firm, Fornaro Law has always recognized that providing our clients with access to trusted members of other professions is a welcomed benefit to our clients. Truly, it helps to resolve our clients’ issues and sets us apart from other firms.

Fornaro Law finds its AI strategic partner is LegalSifter!

Fornaro Law was rushing head long into a strategic partnership with LegalSifter. However, I was more skeptical, what is this LegalSifter? What exactly was it sifting? How would this affect my, that trusted pillar of billing, contract review? As I researched LegalSifter, I discovered that it was a means of reviewing contracts and documents, on our clients (or other parties) paper, quicker and cheaper than using an attorney. The program uses our well researched and efficient contract templates to quickly compare against the proposed contract or document. LegalSifter then informs the client what is missing from the contract or document. It also suggests alternative language and concepts. In short, it does the job of a well-trained attorney in mere minutes. Ultimately, it saves the client hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I almost fell out of my chair. Were we going to promote a product that would eventually eliminate the need for our attorney time to review contracts and documents? This seemed to me to be crazy.

Yet, Fornaro Law understood that it was not crazy at all. LegalSifter was the wave of the future for the business owner. It allows our valued clients to be able to utilize our templates and knowledge, to quickly and efficiently examine contracts and documents. It saves these client time, effort and money in the review of their contracts and documents, while ensuring that the contracts and documents conform with Fornaro Law’s top-quality templates and models. Additionally, it encourages our business clients to review every contract. This would have been time-consuming and cost prohibitive in the past. It is an efficiency which absolutely benefits these clients. In the end, providing benefit to our clients is why we exist. This is the next step in Fornaro Law’s continuous pursuit of efficiency, excellence and cost effectiveness for our clients.

Once again, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. Yet I am happy now to adopt AI and LegalSifter because of its positive effect on our clients. Efficient, cost-effective and quick services help our clients optimize their businesses and grow. Growth ensures prosperity for our clients and future business for Fornaro Law. However, I sometimes wonder what will happen to those attorneys who are not forced into the twenty-first century. What will happen to them and their business? I suspect the dinosaurs could probably provide and apt example. Adapt or die!

My paper pads are gone. Post it notes are a thing of the past. Contract review billing slipping away. What could possibly be next??? Stay tuned until the next episode of the reluctant technology adapter.

By Mark Scarlato

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