Stop 42 of the 52 Week Tour of La Grange Restaurants and Food Establishments at Yau’s Place

Yau’s Place was Stop 42 on our 52 week tour of La Grange restaurants and food establishments.
This week, it was yet another lively group, as we were joined by Karen Lynch, Steve Palmer, Nikki Zimmermann, Mike Zaura, Jim Walls, Nancy Cummings, Phil Fulton, Meg Kreikemeier and Renata Suerth.
There are only 9 (maybe 10) stops left on the tour. EVERYONE is invited. A lot of people think that this is a closed group. I just want to reiterate that we want everyone to come join us.
This lunch was full of fun and excitement. It started with a tea snafu by yours truly. As I opened the tea bag very aggressively, the contents in the tea bag poured into my tea cup causing great hysteria. Fortunately, our wonderful server game me another bag (which she graciously opened for me).
After that excitement, Mike Zaura, Meg Kreikemeier and Nikki Zimmerman began explaining the differences between black tea, green tea and other teas. They became very specific explaining how oxygen played a part. I learn something new every day.
The food was delicious. They have a great lunch special which included soup, an appetizer and sizable lunch portion. I tried catfish for the first time (thanks for the taste Nikki). Quite tasty. 
Next week, we’re heading to The Hotdog & Burger Company for Stop 43 of the tour. We’ll be there at noon on Wednesday, February 19th at noon for lunch. Hope to see you there!

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