Stop 39 of the 52 Week Tour of La Grange Restaurants and Food Establishments at Moy Goy Inn

Moy Goy Inn was Stop 39 on our 52 week tour of La Grange restaurants and food establishments.

As Moy Goy Inn could not accommodate such a large group (their business is mostly takeout, but there are some available seats), we met at Fornaro Law for this week’s tour. Tea was served and everyone had a great time.

After 20 minutes of trying to work out how to order for a group of people of unknown size and unknown Chinese food preferences, I turned to someone “in the know.” Within seconds of my text, Steve Palmer gave me a list of food that we should order. It was perfect!

It was yet another lively group this week, as we were joined by newcomer Allison Walsh, Mike Zaura, Bill Carney, Phil Fulton, Sarah Parkes, Steve Palmer, Joe Kroc, Renata Suerth, Karen Lynch, Kristina Lynch, Jim Walls and newcomer Nick Villa.

When I explained the restaurant tour to the owner of Moy Goy Inn, she was very excited and graciously provided us with a free large order of Crabmeat Rangoon. Thank you. It was delicious.

Next week, join us for some burritos at Chipotle on Wednesday, January 29th at noon. Hope to see you there!

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