Stop 35 of the 52 Week Tour of La Grange Restaurants and Food Establishments at Wild Monk

Wild Monk was Stop 35 on our 52 week tour of La Grange restaurants and food establishments.

This week, we were joined by Karen Lynch, newcomer Jennifer Schnell, Jim Walls, Bill Carney, Steve Palmer, owner Demetri Kopley, Janet Garreau and newcomer Karen Schnell.

We had a delightful lunch at Wild Monk. Newcomer Jen Schnell inspired us to all have a drink when she questioned as to whether we drank beer on the tour. A nice Friday afternoon lunch and beer really hit the spot. Wild Monk’s afternoon lunch menu (along with its expansive main menu) provided delicious food at a great price. Jim Walls and I both agreed that the truffle fries were the best.

An interesting comment came from Karen Lynch who recently accepted new employment. Apparently, one of the discussion points during the hiring process was the restaurant tour. Fortunately, her new employer provided her the flexibility to continue participating on the lunch tour.

Due to the New Year’s Day holiday, we will be at Aodake Ramen at noon on Friday, January 3, 2020. Our first stop in the New Year. Hope to see you there!

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