Casa Margarita was supposed to be Stop 34 of our 52 week tour. However, when we arrived at the restaurant expecting margaritas and lunch, we were turned away due to some sort of logistical issue that prevented them from accommodating us.

In the face of adversity and a freezing day, the group quickly determined that a decision needed to be made. Driven by the desire for margaritas and Mexican food, we decided to return to Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant for Stop 34 of the tour.

It was yet another pleasant afternoon filled with delicious food and stimulating conversation, thanks to another great group. This week, we were joined by Mike Zaura, Renata Suerth, Ignacio Mendoza, Joan Smothers, Sally Nauss, Don Gay, Karen Lynch, newcomer Kristina Lynch, Joe Kroc, John Price and Bill Carney.

It was busy in downtown La Grange due to all of the local kids being off after final exams so open tables were at a premium for other local restaurant establishments. We were happy that the town was hopping.

The good news is that we will have an extra week on the tour. We will try for Casa Margarita in 2020.

Due to Christmas being this Wednesday, we are moving to Friday. This week we will be at Wild Monk on Friday, December 27th at noon. Hope to see you there!

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