Sushi Ukai was Stop 33 on our 52 week tour of La Grange restaurants and food establishments.

It was yet another large group this week, as we were joined by Don Gay, Charity Jones, Kathy Dierkes, Nancy Cummings, Joe Kroc, Mike McNamara, Renata Suerth, Ignacio Mendoza, newcomer Mark Truax, Lori Donahoe, Bill Carney, Jim Walls and Bob Vear.

There is only one word to describe our fantastically enthusiastic Wednesday lunch… WASABI!!! Nancy Cummings’ return to the tour came with a bang as she consumed all of her wasabi in one bite because she mistook it for avocado. So hot. I’m not positive, but the sake we drank may have had something to do with it.

Bill Carney explained to me that it was not proper etiquette to pour my own drink and proceeded to fill my glass during the meal. I reciprocated in kind.

Charity Jones collected on her La Grange Business Association “prize” of joining me on the restaurant tour. Many have argued that it does not qualify as such. Agree to disagree.

Our hosts were absolutely wonderful to us and generously treated us (on the house) to the chef’s choice sushi and some edamame. The food was excellent.

We are truly enjoying this community time together and connecting with our local establishments.

Next week, we’re transitioning from sake to margaritas. Lunch will be at Casa Margarita on Wednesday, December 18th at noon. Hope to see you there!

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