Stop 12 of the 52 Week Tour of La Grange Restaurants and Food Establishments at MAK’s House La Grange

MAK’S House La Grange was Stop 12 on our 52 week tour of La Grange restaurants and food establishments.

We had a fantastic lunch with Jim Walls, Joe Kroc, Lori Rimkus Donahoe, Steve Jasinski, owner Mike Siambanes, owner Kevin Mulyran, Bill Carney, Michael Zaura, Nancy Cummings, Charity Jones, and Sally Nauss. We had a big, very energized group this week!

I had a delicious burger, which is a new menu item. The salad and flatbread options looked great too! There are many kid-friendly options as well.

The owners are very attentive and accessible.

Next week, we’ll be at Nicksons Eatery on Wednesday, July 24th at noon for Stop 13 of the tour. Hope to see you there!

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