Proactive and Communicative Legal Assistant of the Future Wanted – Those that do not like technology and interacting with awesome clients need not apply

You are tired of being buried in the back office and out of sight. You don’t have the level of client interaction that you crave.  You feel like a cog in the wheel.  You want to be part of a team that appreciates you, follows processes, provides direction and allows you to learn and grow.

We’re looking for a “LEGAL ASSISTANT OF THE FUTURE” who seeks to combine collaboration and positive energy, without the pain that comes with the bureaucracy and politics found in large regional and national firms.

We’re an entrepreneurial law firm operating on a national level with successful business owner clients primarily in the logistics, transportation, manufacturing and real estate sectors. We’ve evolved over the last 5 years to where we are today as a firm with 16 employees.  Our vision is to become general counsel to more top tier businesses that have revenue between $25,000,000 to $1,000,000,000.   We need a few additional exceptional staff members to help lead us down that path and who can support motivated and client centric attorneys and staff.

You might be seeking a role that allows you to do a wide range of work that includes active involvement in client files compared to the narrow focus of just doing what you are told.   You might be thinking about wanting to get away from being in a downtown firm to escape both the stodgy law firm culture and commuting pain. Finally, you want to be intellectually challenged, and to do it within a growth-oriented environment.

You’re probably working in one of the following environments: one of the mid-sized or large law firms in the Chicago area.  Or you might be working in a smaller legal office where the growth, technology, challenge, intellectual stimulation is not quite there – you’re a little bored, underwhelmed, and under-utilized for your capabilities.

Our Team’s Values and Goals

To improve and help ourselves and others

To make a positive impact on people’s lives

To connect with and bring together as many people as possible that help us and our clients

To surround ourselves with people that appreciate us as we appreciate them

To learn constantly

To be responsive

To be proactive

If you consider yourself tech-saavy and open to change and this sounds like an opportunity you might want to explore, we’d like to have a conversation with you – even if there is a small chance this might improve your personal life and career advancement.

Send an email to along with a resume or summary of your background, along with a cover letter describing an accomplishment or two in how you have helped a teammate succeed.

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