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Many attorneys can close a real estate deal.  Fornaro Law does it better with a systematic and team approach to closing transactions.  You will always get a quick response with our experienced team.

Buying and selling a home is both the most stressful and most exciting experience in a person’s life. And it is typically the biggest financial transaction in a person’s life. It is an extremely significant decision for those involved.

Fornaro Law is here to be your guide throughout the real estate process and to provide advice during contract execution, the inspection, the loan process and the closing. Whether you are purchasing or selling your home, having an experienced attorney on your side gives you control over any situations that can arise.

How will you have control over these situations?

We want you to enjoy the entire real estate experience and not just the closing.

Receiving consistent updates and good customer service will make the entire process enjoyable for you. Being able to know that every aspect of the transaction is being watched and controlled by your attorney is satisfying.

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