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At Fornaro Corporate Law, we understand that corporate law is fluid and that the different aspects of your corporation and corporate law are woven together. Your corporation doesn’t operate in silos, so why should our services for corporate law? We have assembled a team of talented corporate law attorneys and corporate counsel attorneys who are able to collectively service every aspect of your corporate law needs. With this approach, we are able to ensure that any legal strategy that we propose for a particular corporation and corporate law transaction will not unintentionally create adverse effects for any other aspect of your corporation.

With every transaction, we take into account the corporation and corporate laws in its entirety, including the current state of your corporation and your future corporate goals.

Corporate Law in Illinois
Corporate law contracts in Illinois, like any corporate business agreement, involves an exchange of promises that the corporate law will enforce, or a writing which contains the principal terms to which the parties have agreed.  An enforceable corporate contract executed by a corporate law lawyer in a corporate transaction will generally include the following elements:

Corporate Offer – an offer by one party to do something
Corporate Acceptance – one party’s agreement to the terms of the offer
Consideration – right, interest, profit or benefit accruing to 1 party
Legal Purpose – the contract must be for a legal purpose
Corporate Capacity – age, mental capacity & legal existence are all issues of capacity
Mutual Assent  – a meeting of the minds or mutual agreement
Certainty of Terms – the promises of the parties must be clear

In Corporate law it must be clear from the corporation’s agreement the promises that each party is making. Without some description of the terms and conditions of the parties, a court will be unable to enforce the corporate contract against either party. Our corporate law attorneys call this type of contract an illusory corporate business contract in corporate law. An illusory contract is most often between two parties whereby one party making the promise to perform is under no obligation to fulfill the promise and thus the corporate contract is unenforceable against said party. In corporate law the terms and conditions of the corporate contract must be sufficiently definite to allow for the corporate agreement to be enforced.

Corporate Law for Start-Up Corporations
At Fornaro Corporate Law, our corporate law attorneys offers a range of start-up corporate law legal services to entrepreneurs, inventors, and corporate professionals throughout Illinois. We work closely with each new start-up from organization through each phase of growth and expansion, handling all corporate transactions and corporate law litigation matters that every start-up in the first few years of operation.

Corporate Attorneys For Small Business
At Fornaro corporate Law, our focus is providing corporate counsel to entrepreneurs, small corporations and start-ups. We have been successful in helping launch corporate start-ups in a variety of corporate industries and we are more than just a corporate law firm to our clients. Our corporate lawyers have the capability to offer strategic insight on how to quickly integrate into new or existing markets and industries, and our corporate law firm will help connect new corporate owners and entrepreneurs to experienced, hard working service providers; such as, accountants, restaurants, bars, software developers, corporate consultants, corporate financial planners, corporate professional services and corporate insurance agents, etc.

If you’re ready to take the next step, and are looking to efficiently and effectively launch your new start-up corporation, or take your brand to the next level, then contact Fornaro corporate Law today

Corporate Attorneys For Mature Companies
We find that our best clients are ones that consider Fornaro Corporate Law as a strategic partner in their business. We see a lot of mature and successful corporate clients come to us from other law firms because we fit the missing need that the company is lacking. At Fornaro Corporate Law we have a very diverse and corporate minded knowledge base and have corporate attorneys that practice in a variety of corporate industries, clients feel that they are advancing their corporate business model simply by working with our corporate law firm.

Mature corporations and corporate partnerships that are engaged in many vertical corporate businesses are not always running efficiently and sometimes run into difficulties. Some of our best clients have come to us because they have a problem or are improperly structured. Once we help solve their problem and restructure them, they remain Fornaro Corporate Law for all of their corporate business needs. They love that we offer structure to them and take the lead and we give them options and advice on the steps for future growth.

Large companies also need guidance on how to improve. Working with clients involved in venture capital, private equity, business verticals and commercial real estate, we understand that they are always running. Fornaro Corporate Law is here to provide stability for our clients.

Working with Us -- The Fornaro Corporate Law Difference
Entrepreneurs are known for their ability to come up with great ideas. That being said, a great idea does not translate to a great corporation unless you have a team in place that will help you succeed to take your corporation to the next level.

Fornaro Corporate Law has the legal team that will help you achieve your vision. We also have professional connections with corporate accountants, corporate investors, corporate consultants, corporate financial planners and corporate marketing firms which can help structure the growth and to help make the entrepreneurial dream become a reality. Let Fornaro Corporate Law help make your corporation a success for now and in the future.

Fornaro Corporate Law has experience working with corporations, families and individuals, and provides a proactive approach to offering corporate legal services. We are focused on corporate planning, corporate company structuring and avoiding corporate pitfalls.

However, we do not take every client that contacts us.  We only take corporate clients that appreciate our corporate value and values our time, have an open mind about change, take our advice into consideration when making corporate decisions, consider Fornaro Corporate Law as a partner, wants a long term corporate relationship, respects our fee structure and want to grow together with us.

Seeking Investment?
Fornaro Corporate Law has investors and contacts that provide seed money for the focused and driven entrepreneur. The pairing of the investor and the entrepreneur is just another benefit of working with us.  We have had great experience with start-ups that have grown into good size companies. Our assistance at early stages has resulted in long-term benefits for our clients.

Do You Need Your Corporate Assets Protected?
Protecting your corporate assets is a critical part of the sustainability of a corporation. You work hard in your corporation to establish wealth. Why would you put your corporate assets at risk?

Let Fornaro Corporate Law bring structure to your corporation. Whether you need to form a corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or some other corporate asset protection entity, private placement memorandum, succession planning or maintaining minute books, let Fornaro Corporate Law help make your business a success for now and in the future.