Although law firms generally are not thought of as entrepreneurial, Fornaro Law is different. We have a suburban law firm that is embracing technology (specifically the internet, Blockchain and cybercurrency like Bitcoin) and is creating streamlined systems to elevate our firm and our clients to a different level. With the disruptive nature of technology and the potential for change in almost every industry, Fornaro Law has devoted significant time into understanding how the Blockchain is being used and has become very involved in the Blockchain space.

Fornaro Law is now looking into creating a legal platform that is created on the Blockchain. Please see our blog post at We also have become an authority on the subject. Please see and %20Digital%20Currency%20Guidance%20Comment.pdf

At Fornaro Law, we are business savvy lawyers who are not only outstanding with legal representation but are project managers, architects of structure, and business advisors. Our process is to create multi-disciplinary teams to help our clients maximize efficiency, enhance client services and reduce costs. We are also network savvy lawyers which are able to connect legal and other professionals through collaboration. Our opinion is that the bigger the community that we create, the easier it is to offer solutions tailored to the needs of the clients.

Our clients understand that when they hire Fornaro Law, they will not only get top level legal service, they will get constant communication, access to the Fornaro Law network, business advice, and solutions to their needs. We also have become very adept at marketing our firm.

During the economic downturn, while other firms failed and suffered, Fornaro Law grew significantly because our lawyers and staff adapted to the legal market and because our firm became an authority in debtor law. Consequently, we helped thousands of people restructure their lives and businesses.

The best thing that came out of the downturn was that we realized that Fornaro Law was extremely capable when it came to marketing our skills, analyzing problems, creating a plan, implementing the plan, solving problems and obtaining favorable results. We realized that our extremely structured model and systematic approach to the law, could be applied to each and every area of the law that we practice.

Within the last year and through our technological advancements and marketing strategy we have now captured a very high-level client base and have gone from a local firm servicing Chicago and the western suburbs of Chicago to representing and advising high value clients throughout the United States and Europe. Our clients now consist of significant real estate and corporate clients, venture capitalists and international investors. While our growth is national and international we still have a tremendous presence locally which is also growing.

We see our biggest growth in the following areas.

  1. Entrepreneurs that need structure, compliance and assistance.
  2. Venture capitalist clients that have multiple verticals.
  3. Bitcoin and blockchain clients that need structure and compliance.

We believe that Fornaro Law is unique and can provide our clients with an experience that cannot be matched at larger firms. Our clients realize that they get better service at more favorable rates.

Our model is simple. We try to make the experience for our clients seamless and effortless through the use of portals and constant access to the resources of our firm. The technology has allowed us to compete against larger firms as we are nimble and we are able to become hyper efficient through technology. Increased efficiency allows us to spend more time on client needs and growing Fornaro Law.

In addition, Fornaro law is able to provide sound business perspective to our clients to supplement our legal representation. Finally, our enormous network all over the world provides our clients instant access to resources and answers to questions and situations that they have.

While we have 9 attorneys and 10 staff members, most of the growth has occurred in the last eighteen months and our trend is to grow significantly in the next year and to open offices in Chicago & New York.