No Will, No Problem! Fornaro Law Can Help

All too often, we have clients who cannot find the original will of their recently deceased loved one. This is problematic and can substantially increase the cost associated with the court proceeding which could greatly reduce your inheritance. In this situation, prevention is always better than a cure. Fornaro Law, ensures that our Estate Planning clients have a plan of attack and are able to execute it, thereby avoiding this situation all together.

However, if Fornaro Law did not prepare your Estate Planning documents, we can still help you and fix your previous attorney’s mistakes. When faced with the above-scenario, Fornaro Law knows what to do! Fornaro Law will exhaust all available options to persuade the Court to honor your loved one’s will, even though all you have is a copy.

Fornaro Law will determine the availability of alternative options that by-pass the original will requirement, under Illinois law. Fornaro Law will help you gain access to your loved one’s safety deposit box. When all else fails, Fornaro Law, will zealously advocate on your behalf to persuade the Court to the use the copy of the will, as the original will.

Use Fornaro Law’s experience to your advantage. We have done this before and we will do this again. We have the knowledge and expertise to implement a cost-effective solution to maximize your inheritance.

John Lara, estate administration attorney at Fornaro Law

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