New Technology Partners: Block Edge Capital & LegalSifter

Fornaro Law is advancing with its partners in technology. 2 recent partners are Block Edge Capital and LegalSifter. More info on each one is below:

Block Edge Capital is a consulting and asset management firm focused on inspiring change by empowering, developing, and cultivating crypto asset and blockchain technologies. They can support projects at every step and provide access to any resources from their global network that are necessary. They believe that companies are only as strong as the network supporting them.

Talented individuals and teams are building technologies that will revolutionize the world. A paradigm shift is underway and blockchain technology is here to stay. If you are part of this wave of innovation, or part of a team that is, they are eager to help bring your project to fruition.

  • Consulting
  • Smart contracts
  • Development
  • Token offerings
  • Startups

The combination of humans and artificial intelligence is better than either on their own.

We partner with LegalSifter to offer a “combined intelligence” solution for contract review and negotiation by in-house legal, procurement, and commercial teams.

Our solution uses LegalSifter’s AI combined with our advice to:

  • quickly review documents with your company’s institutional knowledge in-context of a document’s unique language
  • drive consistency and shrink risk by sharing best practices across your company
  • focus on delivering strategic value by streamlining business-as-usual contract review

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