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Mark Antonio Scarlato is an award-winning attorney with Fornaro Law concentrating in municipal law, litigation and foreclosure defense. Mark has focused his practice on advising and defending public and private clients. Mark has engaged in important and complex federal and state litigation during his entire career.

Mark has represented the following municipalities and their officials during his career: The Village of Melrose Park, Town of Cicero, Sauk Village (administrative adjudicator), City of Naperville and the Village of Broadview. Mark has represented these municipalities regarding their day to day corporate matters, FOIA, economic development, complex litigation (including state and federal practice), administrative matters, zoning, land use, collective bargaining and union grievances, labor and employment matters, police powers (civil rights), purchase and sale of municipal real estate, ballot access, referenda, campaign finance, tax matters and other related matters.

As a litigator, Mark has engaged in complex federal and state litigation involving public clients. Mark has defended municipalities in both federal and state courts. Additionally, Mark has represented municipalities in various hearings before many different state boards, local boards and arbitrators. In federal court, Mark has litigated complex civil rights matters for various municipalities involving police officers, municipal actions, the use of smart meters, and defense of adult use first amendment claims. Mark has also engaged in complex litigation for municipalities in state court. Recently, Mark received the 2013 Litigation Award from the Illinois Local Government Lawyers Association for his successful defense of the Patrick Engineering vs. City of Naperville, 962 N.E.2d 483 (Ill. 2011), which was argued before the Supreme Court of Illinois.

In addition to public clients, Mark also successfully represents private clients in both the federal and state courts. Further, Mark has also successfully defended private clients in hearings before various boards, mediators and arbitrators. Recently, Mark won the 2017 Award for Excellence in Pro Bono. Mark won this award for his successful representation of an indigent individual. Mark was able to obtain a high value settlement for this individual after a successful prosecution of the individual’s claim.

Mark Antonio Scarlato received his Juris Doctorate from the John Marshall Law School in 2002. Mark is licensed in Illinois, the Federal Trial Bar of the Northern District of Illinois and the Trial Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Additionally, Mark has discovered the exciting and ever changing world of the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry. As a forward-thinking attorney, Mark recognizes that many of his clients will soon be involved in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry in one form or another. This has created a need for attorneys to understand this growing industry.

In an effort to create value for his clients, Mark has immersed himself in the emerging cryptocurrency/blockchain industry. This includes not only reviewing the latest cases and regulations affecting users in this industry, but also fundamentally understanding the ethos of the industry.

In addition to his regular work, Mark is currently part of Fornaro Law's cryptocurrency/blockchain team. This team strives to stay abreast of the latest developments in this industry. This includes providing legal services and advice to Fornaro Law's clients who are participating in the industry or who wish to participate.

In addition to servicing Fornaro Law's clients, Mark also actively blogs with regard to the latest developments in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry. Mark's blogging not only provides valuable information to existing clients, but it also helps individuals who are searching for information on this exciting new industry.