Fornaro Law’s Ability to Find Creative Solutions

We’re a boutique entrepreneurial law firm operating on a national level with successful business owner clients primarily in the logistics, transportation, and real estate sectors.

Our ability to find creative solutions to problems. Client tried to get a document for 6 weeks. FL got it in one day.

Our high value clients believe that in order to succeed, they need to move their projects forward and timing is critical to their success. A potential client had tried most everything they could to navigate through the process with one municipality to get an older ordinance located and certified.

The document was vital in completing the process with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (“IEPA”) so work on the time sensitive project could continue. Some will say, “big deal, it was a certified ordinance. How long could that take?”

Although it seems like this was a very easy endeavor, for 6 weeks the project was stalled while different people tried to get this critical document. Nothing worked and they were unable to get the document.

However, once Fornaro Law was retained, we located the critical people that needed to be involved from both the municipality and the client so that we could reach a meeting of the minds as to what exactly was needed, we determined the best way to ask for the document so that it was understandable, and we analyzed as to who the best people were to contact both in and outside of the municipality to get the document in a form that was acceptable.

In one day, the document was obtained for the client in a format that was acceptable to the IEPA. The client, the professionals, the municipality and even the IEPA were thankful and amazed. One of the professionals indicated that he never saw anything like what we did.

What we do at Fornaro Law, is to determine the solution process that matches what is needed to achieve the solution. Most attorneys are linear thinkers and technicians. The Fornaro Law team matches its ability to see the big picture, identify the pain points, identify numerous potential plans to resolve the pain points, select the most effective of the plans, reach into its network to help analyze the plan, and implement the plan to a solution.

The world of practicing law with business clients is no longer a “one size fits all” approach. It requires thought and analysis and creative solutions.

The after story is equally exciting after it achieved its IEPA approval. Fornaro Law was able to get quick meetings in the municipality and obtain approval to move the project forward at a very rapid pace.

While we never met the client before them engaging us, we soon connected with them and have begun a very strong relationship as we work towards growing with this business and entrepreneur client.

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