Fornaro Law Is Seeking A Non-Traditional Attorney For Its Highly Charged Business Law Division

Fornaro Law is looking to fill a position which some may consider foreign to the world of law firms.

While Fornaro Law is traditional in many of our practice areas, we are anything but traditional when we are representing our multi-dimensional, entrepreneurial, and highly driven corporate and business clients.

Our mission is to provide solutions, structure and connection that elevates, improves and optimizes every situation so that everyone feels immense satisfaction with the process and the result.

This mission not only relates to our clients but also relates to our community involvement and how we work with our team members.

While having a license to practice law is necessary, we want an attorney that can represent clients successfully because of his or her non-legal skills.

We are looking for a person that fits the following characteristics:

  1. Collaborative.
  2. Business Minded.
  3. Networker.
  4. Big Picture Person.
  5. Closer.
  6. High Energy.
  7. Creative.
  8. Entrepreneurial Spirit
  9. Not afraid of challenges.
  10. Not afraid to confront clients when your position is different than theirs.
  11. Strategic
  12. Always finds a solution.
  13. Willing to take risks.
  14. Goal oriented.
  15. Leaving every conversation with everyone feeling satisfied.
  16. Innovative.
  17. Enjoys workflow and systems that improve efficiency.
  18. Proactive and Mentally Flexible.
  19. Not afraid of difficult or new situations.
  20. Immediately provides solutions to difficult and new situations.
  21. Enjoys and encourages a pivot.

You will be surprised by the size, scope and strength of our client base.

Our clients are disruptors and trailblazers in many varied industries.  Our clients are our friends.  Our clients are our teammates.  Our clients are part of our present and our future.

It is an exciting thing to see a client’s growth directly relate to the strength and trust of the business relationship with Fornaro Law.  It is extremely satisfying to see your efforts result in the growth of your clients and the law firm at the same time.

Sure, there are larger and more prestigious firms than us, but I wonder if they have the same level of fun, satisfaction and fulfillment that we have when we work with our clients.

Come help us with our mission to change the world of law, grow with our clients and disrupt our competitors.

In addition to a resume, please provide a cover letter which includes examples in your professional or personal life that demonstrate the characteristics above.

Qualified candidates please reply to Mary Bryk:

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