Attention Law Practice Owners: Ready to Transition? Fornaro Law is Looking to Acquire.

If you’ve made the decision to sell your law practice and transition your clients, we have great news for you. Fornaro Law is actively seeking to acquire law practices like yours.

As a successful attorney with a strong client base, you’re ready to explore new opportunities. You want to ensure a smooth transition for your clients and show loyalty to your staff who have supported you throughout the years. However, instead you may want to exit and do something completely different before the year is out.  Whatever the case, you have many options, and you should complete your career and life in the way you want, and on your terms.

At Fornaro Law, we understand the importance of aligning with your goals during this transition. Perhaps you want to continue practicing law but step away from the management side. Imagine being able to focus 100% on the law while delegating and collaborating with a reliable team that prioritizes client advancement.

Maybe you’re seeking a better work-life balance, with more time for personal hobbies, family, or non-profit work. Alternatively, you may want intellectual challenges within a growth-oriented environment, without the distractions of running a practice.

Don’t let the impending recession, administrative tasks, or hesitancy about technology hinder your passion for practicing law. We offer a solution that allows you to maintain control over your career and life.

Fornaro Law is an entrepreneurial firm operating nationally, serving successful business owners primarily in logistics, transportation, manufacturing, service, and real estate. Over the past five years, we have evolved into a unique firm with a vision to become outside general counsel for top-tier businesses with revenue between $25,000,000 and $1,000,000,000 and smaller firms that have that potential (“OGC Model”).

Our OGC Model provides a comprehensive range of services, including business advisory counseling, corporate planning, merger and acquisition support, commercial real estate, zoning and litigation management, employment compliance, succession, estate planning, and more.

We are actively seeking to acquire a top-tier law firm led by someone who shares our passion for law and the success of their clients. We also value quality staff who are familiar with your client base, collaborative, and eager to learn.

During the recent transition of a firm into Fornaro Law, we successfully absorbed the client base, provided additional resources, kept the existing attorney as the lead, and elevated the level of service. Both the clients and attorney were thrilled with the transition.

Here’s what our lawyers say about working at Fornaro Law:

“Fornaro Law offers unexpected reach, camaraderie, and capabilities. The strength of the clients and the range of sophisticated work generated here exceeded my expectations.”

“Our firm has a forward-thinking approach that allows experienced attorneys to practice law and expand their skills.”

If this opportunity resonates with you and could improve your personal life, financial success, and career transition, we invite you to start a conversation. Even if there’s a small chance it could be the right fit, email to explore further.

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