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Let’s define Bitcoin. That is simple enough. Right?

The struggle to define Bitcoin has begun in so many different arenas.  The securities and exchange commission, the IRS, the state and appellate courts, congressional committees, federal and state regulators, coders, relatives, bankers, and everyone else that has heard of this fabulous cybercurrency all have given it a try. What has resulted is shocking.   By … Continued

OMG! I’m Being Sued!

You have been served with legal process and you are now part of a not so exclusive club of people who are forced to defend against a lawsuit. Being sued is one of life’s unpleasant little surprises. You are being dragged into the legal system against your will. What do I do now? Should I … Continued

FDIC, All My Money is Safe, Right?

We have all seen the phrase “FDIC Insured” at our bank’s drive through, the bank teller’s booth and plastered on our bank’s website. But have you ever taken the time to understand what FDIC Insured means or how it can help you if your bank fails? This Blog will discuss FDIC Insurance and how much … Continued